Bicycle Friendly Architecture

To be more green and sustainable, one of the goal for the construction projects or even the cities is about the carbon emission reduction. Bicycle usage is an alternative transportation for the building user which also help reducing carbon dioxide . But the building must prepare for it too.

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Waste Management and Cleaning ? Rising business along Green Building

When people think of the Green Building, they tend to think about the building as an object from the design that has more tree, equipped with hi-tech energy saving system and decorate mostly with natural materials. It is true but not all the whole truth of the Green Building. There are waste management and cleaning works that keep the building green after construction works finished.

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Green Furniture

When you think of Green buildings, what you mostly imagine of are the physical of the construction of the buildings. However, there is another major contributor for sustainability of the building which is the Furniture, something that you sit on or live on them without notice their importance.

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Greener Modular

Modular construction is not only the most efficient construction practice, the modular construction is also greener than conventional construction. Moreover, if you think of the green certified, this type of construction can help you achieve the sustainable building easier.

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Future Smart Home of Today

Imagine turning your lights on remotely or adjusting the temperature so your home is toasty warm by the time you return from work. Home management systems let you access and adjust comfort controls from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Monitor and control lights or the thermostat from anywhere with Internet access, making it easy to save energy while away.

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Drywall Construction Problems

Along the modern time, the practice of drywall, a wall system which made of the frame and the gypsum plaster board, is used to make interior walls and ceilings. Unquestionably, gypsum board and drywall construction is the fastest way to get your internal wall built as it is a better alternative to traditional brick and mortar. However, there are many problem according to the construction of the drywall.

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Green Football

This year, 2014, we will enjoy the FIFA world cup football again and this time, it is Brazil that hosting the event again for the first time since 1950. What are your expectations of the World Cup in Brazil? Fun football, great games and lot of scores as I expect too. But behind this world largest sport event, green and sustainability were become the crucial part of it.

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How LEED saves american local economies.

Since LEED certification had emerged, it changed the whole US building and construction industry. LEED gave the better, standardized definition to the Green and Energy saving architecture which aligned the construction's value-chain into more single direction from project initiation, design and development, building material products, construction works to commission and maintenance of the building. LEED also provide benefit to US local economies too.

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Green Roof and its complexity

It is already known for the green building must have the green roof which the grass and the trees on the roof are the best show case to visualized the green of the building. The green roof is surely an environmentally friendly alternative to a conventional roof. However, to build a green roof is not simple when needed to place the layer of soil on the roof and then plant the vegetation over it...

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Wood: the material of the future.

Wood and its products has played an important role to the development of architecture, cities or even civilization throughout the ages. Especially where the forests grow, wood has commonly been used as a building material. Although woods from the natural forest is now prohibited, but the industrial forest can supply the wood enough for the global demand. But what make wood becomes the material of the future?

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Flat roof, Steep Problem.

For the readers that are the architect, the design and imagination to the house or building are limitless. However, the reality is the only one thing that hold you back which you never deny. This contradict situation can be seen in every architecture element, especially the ?Roof?. The roof can be designed but it might never built since the construction and maintenance of the roof can be too difficult, too expensive and too much to handle. In this case, the flat roof would be one of the first in this "too much" list.

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Innovation in Building Materials


Today technology are not really satisfy the need of energy efficiency and environment protection and there are more new developed technologies for the upcoming future which they will be justified by their performance when commercialized into market. But what is the shape of future technology?

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Consumer's Perspective to Construction Business.

Back to 2006, 10 years ago when I still worked with one construction material producer, the consumer insight research was conducted to find out what would be the future benefit from supplier and the contractor that the consumer which mostly dealt with the construction of their home and small shophouse both new built or renovation, would seek for. You know what, the money was not a major issue. The result identified 3 key concerns that the respondents required from the upcoming product, service or technology from the industry including; (1.) Standard, (2.) Time, and (3.) Cleanliness.

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