Future Smart Home of Today

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Imagine turning your lights on remotely or adjusting the temperature so your home is toasty warm by the time you return from work. Home management systems let you access and adjust comfort controls from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Monitor and control lights or the thermostat from anywhere with Internet access, making it easy to save energy while away.


It is the age of smart of everything, from smartphones to smart cars. Then, the technologies will lead us into the age of smart home when the home automation reaches its readiness stage. Thanks to artificial intelligencetechnology, cheap electrinics and other communication and connectivity devices, the smart home is not a scary gadget and too expensive anymore. It is simple, make life easier and most of all, it is affordable.


How come smart home a greener home? It was proven that the right energy management could reduce the energy usage up to 30%. And with the smart technology when all home appliances are able to manage their energy use themselves and perform the service better than they were.


What can we expect from those smart technology to the building? The IT in the building can help us with these features


1.)    Self sensing and control device which working with the system make the building can operate themselves automatically. Sensors in the home will control lights,  turning them off periodically when there is no movement in the room. Home Area Networks will enable utilities or individuals to control when appliances are used

2.)    The system can recognize the usage pattern. The system colllects the way we usually use them from the sensor and predict how we going to use them by creating the pre-emptive electricity saving program. This is expected to eqaulize the need for peak power, and spread the load more evenly over time. 

3.)    The smart system also can detect the fault, diagnose and sometimes, fix the problem that cause the inefficiency use of electricity.


Beside the energy saving, Smart technology can give us an effective and efficient way to taking care of our property, for example; adding the water leak detectors to plumbing spaces within the home and receive an alert if the sensor comes in contact with water. The system can help us know when it was a leakage and act faster to reduce property damage and water waste.


Some experts are predicting 2014 will be the year of the smart home, but what do you think about it? If you are a real estate developer, it is time for you to add a smart technology to your property before the customers expect you to have it. Ansd if you are the designer, it is the time you need to understand the technology which you will able to advice the owner of the project. Or at least make you look smart too in the meeting. But most of all, we need to be smarter than those smart device and system so that we will know what and how we can operate and control it. 

Writer : Aracha Krasae-in   Date :2014-03-04