Green Furniture

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When you think of Green buildings, sustainable architectures or LEED projects, what you mostly imagine of are the physical of the construction of the buildings. You will think of the wall, the roof, the facade in term of type of material that made into the buildings. Other might think about the energy that used in the building which are the mechanics and electrical components of the building eventhough you hardly can figure the energy consumption inside.  

However, there is another major contributor for sustainability of the building which is the Furniture, something that you sit on or live on them without notice their importance.

The selection of furniture could help green of the architecture into 2 categories according to LEED certification, (1) the Materials and Resources and (2) the Indoor Environmental Quality. In the first category, the furniture will not be counted for their material reuse or other criteria unless the furniture was the build-in. However, the look of Recycle can create the better perception of environmentally friendly to the interior.

Accoding to EPA, recycled content is one factor in determining an environmentally preferable product. Therefore, they consider furniture made from recycled content or reclaimed materials, and pieces made from sustainably harvested materials such as certified hardwood. The used of recycle material also reduced energy use during the production process and also use of natural resources.

In second category, the selection of the furniture must concern the product with fewer or no toxics or hazardous chemicals, including those that can result in indoor environtment quality issues such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Then, what or how we can do for the environmentally friendly interior?Recycle of the shipping pallets could be the good example but needed to check the chemical inside the wood for free of VOCs. Another green choice in wood furniture is fast growth local wood such as Bamboo or Rubber wood could be good too. There are also some materials are being recycled into furniture as well; metal, aluminium, or even glass.

The interior furniture for green building seems to be difficult and scientific. However, if we can understand the principle of the sustainability, then, it is up to our imagination to create the possibility of applying the greener furniture for the green building. 

Writer : Aracha Krasae-in   Date :2014-04-18