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This year, 2014, we will enjoy the FIFA world cup football again and this time, it is Brazil that hosting the event again for the first time since 1950.


What are your expectations of the World Cup in Brazil? Fun football, great games and lot of scores as I expect too. But behind this world largest sport event, green and sustainability were become the crucial part of it. Last December, President Dilma Rousseff kicked a ball during the ceremony at the Castelao Arena in Fortaleza. This is the first from other 5 stadiums which are going to be ready to host Fifa's Confederations Cup next June.


Castelao or Estádio Plácido Aderaldo Castelo was built in 1973, with a maximum capacity of 67,037 attetance. It was designed by José Liberal de Castro as the project's lead architect. 40 years later, the stadium was complete its renovations and became the first stadium in Brazil to receive LEED certification. Architect and urban planner Ronald Werner of Vigliecca & Associates aimed to transform Castelão into a 21st-century building, while preserving the spirit of the original structure. The overall renovation cost over $250 million. It would probably becomes the most visited LEED project ever made from 6 matches that were hosted here during World Cup from first round to quarter final.


So, what make Castelao earned LEED certification? It is the smart planning from the designer and the temam in manage the environmental resources. First of all, the stadium still utilized the original structure which built in 1973 while 97% of waste was reused and recycled during the construction. Designers specified 92% of the wood used in construction was FSC-certifiedal and also specified the reflective material for the roof to reduce solar heat gain, and selected the sealants, coats, and paint that complied with the limits for volatile organic compounds (VOC) There are also significant amount of the 1,900 parking space which reserved for vehicles using alternative fuel and also a lot of spaces for the vehicles that provide car sharing.


Just a little green story along your excitement with games :)


Writer : Aracha Krasae-in   Date :2014-01-30