Waste Management and Cleaning ? Rising business along Green Building

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When people think of the Green Building, they tend to think about the building as an object from the design that has more tree, equipped with hi-tech energy saving system and decorate mostly with natural materials. It is true but not all the whole truth of the Green Building.

The most important element to make a green building is the human. They live in the building, consume the resource of energy and water and produce waste while reduce the green value of the building. And the human element will be with the building long their lifetime. To design or develop the green project, it is better to imagine for the occupancy scenario which will give you the clearer idea of how the building will be maintained.

Wiith human that produce waste and create pollution to green building, the maintenance business with the green knowledge is crucially needed. And this demand for this specialized maintenance is growing even faster than the green building architect or designer since there have been thousand of green building built last decade which needed the green upkeeping too.

The opportunity to this waste management and cleaning for green building still open for all process. From planning, technology suppliers and especially the implementor, the company with the specific green building knowledge in this sector are limited. But what would be the right player for this operation that you can get into? And what is the knowledge which you need to possess to be green waste management or cleaning supplier to the building?

First, the waste management and cleaning are the parts of the facilities management. The company is needed to work with the FM operation closely and better to partnering with the Building Management or FM firm. The company or you also needed to understand LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance which help you able to realize you client’s need to maintain a green building in order to provide the right service to the building.

There are also the large gap for the specialized implementor of waste managment and cleaning too. With my personal experience, many green project has been destroyed by uneducated buiding occupants which part of them are cleaing workers. Therefore, it is very crucial to educate the worker to understand the value of their works too which I believe, not many company can provide the right worker.

Especially the cleaning works, the green building need the special knowledge of workers. For example, They must know how to use the right chemical with the propoper method, have to understand the waste treatment and aware of some hi-tech and delicated equipment that embedded with the building.

As mention above, when you think of the time that the client need to maintain their project for green properties along its lifetime, it is a great opportunity for you to think about this Waste Management and Clean for the green building. 

Writer : Aracha Krasae-in   Date :2014-05-15